UP32CON | 2019 Primary Health Care Conference

9th March 2019, Hilton Garden Inn, Lucknow

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UP32CON | 2019

Primary Health Care Conference

“Challenges in Primary Health Care Delivery”

About Us | HFE Network LLP 

The backbone of a successful economy is health and contributing citizens. We at HFE Network LLP envisage happy communities where the entire society has adequate access to quality care and equal health outcomes. Research demonstrates that an estimated 100 million people slip into poverty while struggling to avail proper medical services.  This has significant impact on the socio-economic growth of developing countries.

HFE Network aims to bring together professionals and organizations empowering them in the delivery of quality health and medical services to all of society. We aim to engage with social entrepreneurs and organisations by connecting them with the world of medical aid and care to benefit citizens most in need of it.  Our goal is to enable the economic structure and financial model of medical and health care in the most optimum manner.

We are an organization that works to uplift primary health care services in terms of focusing on preventive systems and awareness. HFE Network endeavours to make Primary Healthcare easily accessible and affordable to citizens across the country.

Based in Lucknow, India, HFE Network took a sturdy leap into the Primary Healthcare world in the latter part of 2018 when the dedicated trio joined hands as the founding partners of HFE Network, to realise their collective vision. 

Kashif Faiyaz | Founding Partner
Masters in Hospital Administration (ASCI) with over 12 years of experience in Health Care Operations, Sales, Business Development, Consulting and Health Care Information Technology.

Kshitij Aditeya Singh | Founding Partner
M.Phil. Micro Nanotechnology Enterprise (University of Cambridge), Mechanical Engineering (University of Sheffield). More than 14 years of experience. 

Shivendra Pratap Singh, | Founding Partner
Operations and Customer Service Professional with overall 14 years of experience. Extended expertise in Metric Management, Service Delivery Management, and People Management. Focus on delivering business solutions; Persuasive communicator with exceptional relationship management skills; Adroit at analysing the organisation requirements.

HFE Network collaborates with government and private organizations to spread awareness and deliver services in Primary Healthcare. As we set sail to fulfill our key objectives we continue to organize events to educate our contributors on the various facets for improving Primary curative and preventive healthcare.

Primary Health Care (PHC)

PHC is usually the first place people go when they have health concerns, often to a general practitioner (GP) or family physician (FP). PHC typically includes routine care, care for urgent but minor or common health problems, mental health care, maternity and child care, psychosocial services, liasion with home care, health promotion and disease prevention, nutrition counseling, and end of life care. PHC is also an important source of chronic disease prevention and management and may include other health professionals such as nurse practitioners, dietitians, physiotherapists and social workers.

Appropriate and affordable access is the corner stone of a successful and sustainable primary health care service.The philosophy of PHC shifts the emphasis of health care away from hospitals and into the community, where the qualified and skilled health care workers support the continuum of care, linking community and hospital. Patients would benefit from improved access to screening, health promotion, and self management supports.


According to WHO, today more than one billion people cannot obtain the health services they need, because those services are either inaccessible, unavailable, unaffordable or of poor quality. Widening inequities across the world mean that an estimated 100 million people are pushed into poverty every year when they pay out-of-pocket for health services. These problems are of systemic nature and require an all-encompassing approach.

Therefore the aim of this conference is to address these challenges by equipping entrepreneurs and health care providers, with proper tools and enable them to promote quality, affordability and accessibility in Primary Health Care.

Conference Objectives

The theme of the Conference is “Challenges in Primary Health Care Delivery”, the event will deliberate on the challenges of the present infrastructure, health schemes, quality initiatives at the primary level, targeted measures and improve the primary health care delivery.

The conference will highlight successful examples of health policies, technology intervention and institutional mechanisms required to propel the primary health care agenda and delivery of quality primary health care outcomes to the rural as well as urban masses.

The conference will also showcase government initiatives in primary health care and nutrition in national strategies and plans, qualitatively assessing policies and investments in health, food systems, health education and social protection programmes that contribute to ensuring that no one is left behind.

Why attend the conference?

A great opportunity to network with your peers from academia and industry. Be a part of the first of its kind, Primary Health Care conference in Lucknow, bringing together entrepreneurs and senior healthcare professionals from public as well as private healthcare organisations.  
Aim and purpose is to make Quality Healthcare Affordable and Accessible to the most vulnerable / marginalised sections of  the society.  Have the opportunity to interact with some of the most eminent speakers in the industry. Join the cause and help us make a difference.

Who should attend the conference?

All the Stake Holders of the Health Sector (Academia & Industry / Public & Private)
Representatives from Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
Researchers & Innovators | Healthcare IT Professionals
Healthcare Associations | Societies, & Professional Bodies
Pharmaceutical | Medical Device | IT Companies
Funding Agencies | Fund Raisers | Management Bodies | Decision Makers

Take away for the Participants 

The conference also aims to provide participants with:

  • A better understanding of development initiatives and the implementation at grass root level.
  • Increased awareness of the opportunities, challenges and risks of working in the Primary Health Care space.
  • Nuanced suggestions for navigating and filling the gap through good practices.
  • The role of NGOs in various development actions in health outcomes
  • Implications for primary health care operations (funding, capacity, principles)
  • Improving outcomes for maternal and child health especially the girl child

Post Conference Engagements

The conference’s outcome document will capture key learning from the event and opportunities for future collaboration. Key actionable points expected from the conference are as follows:

  • Drafting a recommendation document for the Government and Institutional funding agencies 
  • Dissemination of outcome document to the delegates of the conference and key stakeholders
  • Mobilizing opinion and action towards improving primary health outcomes of the most marginalized citizens
  • Balancing the preventive and curative aspects of primary health care
  • Improving communication between stakeholders and beneficiaries

Conference Chair

Dr. Santosh Mehrotra

Professor (Economy) & Chairperson, Centre for Informal Sector and Labour Studies at JNU, New Delhi. M.A. (Econ.) – New School for Social Research, New York. PhD. – Cambridge University (1985)

Conference Co-Chair

Dr. Pavitra Mohan

Pediatrician and a Public Health Physician. Co-founder of Basic Health Care Services. MBBS / MD in Pediatrics from Delhi University and a Masters in Public Health from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Conference Observers

Dr. Shikha Wadhwa

Dr. Shikha Wadhwa – Assistant Professor | Amity Institute of Nanotechnology, Amity University Uttar Pradesh.

Dr. Wadhwa gained her Doctorate degree on “Synthesis, properties and applications on titania nanostructures” from Nanotechnology and Integrated Bio-Engineering Centre (NIBEC), University of Ulster in the year 2011.
Worked as a Research Associate in a collaborative project with AVX Ltd., Northern Ireland. She had also been associated with a consultancy firm named ‘Knowledge Advisory and Consultancy Services’ (KASC). She had also been a member of WASC/NAAC/IET accreditation team from the Amity University.
Dr Wadhwa has also been a member of The Royal Society of Chemistry (MRSC) from 2009-2011, is a lifetime member of Northern Ireland Bio-engineering Society (NIBES) and a member of Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) since 2015.

Dr. Santosh Moses – Project Director | IQVIA – MHA, MPH, MBBS, MD (Hyderabad)

Dr Santosh is a leader in the eye health sector. He has in the past 14 years contributed extensively to eliminating avoidable blindness from India and South Asia. As the Regional Director for Operation Eyesight Universal, a Canadian International Development Organization, Dr Moses played a lead role in training and deploying over 2.500 Community Health Workers and establishing 125 primary eye centers in India and Nepal in under 4 years resulting in over 1,000 villages being declared avoidable blindness free. 
As the Vice President of Vision 2020 India, Dr. Moses played a pivotal role in the advocacy efforts of the eye health sector with the Government of India. Currently Dr Moses is with IQVIA leading a team of 200 medical and public health professionals as their Project Director to ensure a 50% reduction in neonatal mortality in the state of Andhra Pradesh.  

Dr. Santosh Moses, IQVIA


Dr. Tarun Seem

Dr. Tarun Seem – Addl. CIT, GoI

Speaker | Session Chair – Government Policy Initiatives in Primary Health
A medical graduate, officer of the Indian Revenue Service.  Have worked in the National Rural Health Mission during its five formative years. Associated with drafting the various mission strategies including ASHA, Community engagement, review missions, mission steering group protocols etc. Later served with Public Health Foundation of India on Health system support for the states and the National Initiative on Allied Health Sciences. Also served as DGHS and Secretary Health in Delhi Government. Pioneered the expansion of hospital systems, assured medicine delivery in Delhi. Established the Mohalla Clinics to provide free, quality and rational health care to the citizens. 

Presently posted at Delhi in the Income Tax Department. Handling the project for developing the computer environment for verification of revenue relevant data in tax returns and data mining of financial transaction reported by partner agencies.

Professor Alok Dhawan  | Director, CSIR-IITR (Lucknow)

Speaker | Session Chair – Impact of Water, Sanitation, Hygiene and Nutrition on Health.
Experienced Director with leadership in institution building both higher education and R&D. More than 30 years of experience. Setup an innovation ecosystem with emphasis on translational research and startup culture. PhD Biochemistry from University of Lucknow. DSc (hc) University of Bradford, UK.

Professor Alok Dhawan
Dr. Chandrakant Lahariya

Dr. Chandrakant Lahariya | National Professional Officer – Healthcare, Access & Protection – WHO India

A medical doctor, writer and social innovator. His work centers around improving health status and educational attainment of the marginalized and under-served communities through public policy interventions and the development of innovative workable models.

Mr. Jayant Krishna | Former CEO – National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC)

Speaker | Session Chair – Capacity Building in Health Care Skills and HR.
Former CEO, Executive Director & COO of the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC). Most of his experience of over 30 years has been with the Tata Group in key positions at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), including Director, Life Sciences & Healthcare (Europe), Regional Director (UK & Ireland), Regional Manager (London), Global Delivery Centre Head, Global Relationship Manager, and Management Consultant. He also handled some of the Tata Group’s key HR, CSR, and communications initiatives.

Mr. Jayant Krishna
Prof. (Dr) G P Singh

Prof. (Dr) G. P. Singh – President | Indian Medical Association (IMA), Lucknow Chapter.

Dr. N Devadasan – Co-founder and directorInstitute of Public Health (IPH)

Started as a community health doctor in the forests of Nilgiris, worked with the Adivasis of Gudalur for 10 years, building a comprehensive health system for them. Since then, has worked with WHO Orissa and then with the WHO country office in Delhi as the NPO in-charge of communicable disease cluster and specialising in disease surveillance. In 2005, founded IPH, Bengaluru and has been working closely in the area of health financing, access to health care and health systems management. MPH and PhD from Institute of Tropical Medicine, Antwerp, Belgium.y Action

Dr. N Devadasan (IPH)
Prof. (Dr) Uday Mohan (KGMU)

Dr. Uday Mohan – MD, CMMIH (Boston), FIPHA, FIAPSM | Professor & Head – Community Medicine | Environmental Health, Maternity and Child Health, KGMU, Lucknow.

Dr. Uday Mohan is currently affiliated to King George’s Medical University, Lucknow, India and continuing research in the specialized scientific area of Community Medicine.

Dr. Salil Choudhary – Director HealthPod India (Bangalore)

Clinician with interest inclination towards technology and startups. Director of HealthPod India & HOSCONNN Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd. Mentor and Guide to startups in healthcare ecosystem. With a Single aim of betterment of the healthcare ecosystem in terms of technology and service, founded Healthpod so that the startups can be nurtured from the very initial days.

Dr. Salil Choudhary
Dr. Santosh Moses, IQVIA

Dr. Santosh Moses – Project Director | IQVIA – MHA, MPH, MBBS, MD (Hyderabad)

Dr Santosh is a leader in the eye health sector. He has in the past 14 years contributed extensively to eliminating avoidable blindness from India and South Asia. As the Regional Director for Operation Eyesight Universal, a Canadian International Development Organization, Dr Moses played a lead role in training and deploying over 2.500 Community Health Workers and establishing 125 primary eye centers in India and Nepal in under 4 years resulting in over 1,000 villages being declared avoidable blindness free. 
As the Vice President of Vision 2020 India, Dr. Moses played a pivotal role in the advocacy efforts of the eye health sector with the Government of India. Currently Dr Moses is with IQVIA leading a team of 200 medical and public health professionals as their Project Director to ensure a 50% reduction in neonatal mortality in the state of Andhra Pradesh.  

Major (Retd.) Ashutosh Kumar Shrivastava – Chief of Projects & Director | Glocal Healthcare Systems Private Limited.

Maj. Shrivastava served as Chief Operating Officer of Glocal Healthcare Systems Private Limited and has overall experience of 16 years. He has been associated with companies like Subhiksha Trading Services Ltd. as the Projects Head – North & SREI Sahaj e – village Ltd. as Head of Operations & Chief Marketing Officer after serving the nation as a Major in the Indian Army for 7 long years. Maj. Shrivastava has participated in the famed Operations Vijay and Operation Parakram and has a distinction of serving in Indian Air Force as well as in the Indian Army.

Maj. Ashutosh Shrivastava
Dr. Sunil Kumar Khetarpal

Dr. Sunil Kumar Khetarpal | COO & MS -Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Centre, Delhi

Honorary Secretary Delhi Chapter of AHPI. A qualified Assessor and Trainer for NABH Standards. An enthusiastic speaker on various national and international forums like GAPIO & ACAIM Mid Year Conference at Tampa, Florida, USA.

Dr. Subodh Kandamuthan | Associate Professor and Director – Centre for Health Care Management at ASCI, Hyderabad | Program Director, ASCI PG Diploma in Hospital Management.

Masters Degree in Development Economics, M Phil Degree in Applied Economics and Ph.D in Health Economics. Worked as a faculty in Health Economics at the Institute of Economic Growth, New Delhi, Institute of Health Systems, Hyderabad and as a Technical Consultant to Health Department of Government of Andhra Pradesh. Areas of expertise include Health Economics, Health Financing, Health Policy, Monitoring and Evaluation, Trade in Health Services and Public Private Partnerships in Social Sector. 

Dr. Subodh Kandamuthan
Dr. Bashyam Srivatsan

Dr. Bashyam Srivatsan | Principal Consultant at M/s.Value Added Corporate Services (P) Ltd , Chennai.

Masters Degree in Hospital Management [MBA], Bachelor of Homeopathy Medicine and Surgery (BHMS). Certified Lead Auditor for ISO 9001:2008. Certified NABH Implementor. Healthcare Professional with 23 years of Practical experience and insights in the following area of Quality Systems Management in Healthcare, Hospital Administration with specific relevance to Operations & Strategic Management, Hospital Services Planning & Implementation, Hospital Management Education; Training & Development.

Dr (Col) Harinder Singh Ratti – Public Health Professional | Director – r health

Public Health physician with over twenty years’ experience at a senior management level in Government of India with demonstrated achievements as a public health expert and epidemiologist in Strategic Planning, Design and Program Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation, Disease Surveillance, Advocacy in Public Health, Communicable and Non Communicable diseases in underserved, low resource and diverse healthcare settings.

NABH trained Lead Assessor for Hospital and Healthcare Quality Assurance & Patient Safety.
Twelve years Faculty experience in Department of Community Medicine.

Dr. (Col) Harinder Singh Ratti
Mr. Jagdeep Gambhir

Mr. Jagdeep Gambhir | Founder & CEO – Karma Healthcare

8+ years of experience across rural healthcare & technology. Senior Program Manager at Population Foundation of India (PFI). Program Manager at “Innovators in Health” – launched tuberculosis treatment programs in rural Bihar. Worked with Goldman Sachs as Technology Analyst. MBA (ISB Hyderabad); B.Tech (NITK Surathkal)

Dr. Jessy Joseph – Program Specialist, International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI)

As part of the Knowledge Integration and Translation platform (KnIT), DBT BIRAC, GoI initiative, she is involved in knowledge generation and synthesis in the maternal and child health domain. An MD in Community Medicine from University College of Medical Sciences, Delhi, she is passionate about child health. Currently, in working with the state government aims to contribute to Government of India’s efforts to maximize gains in newborn survival and thrive and reduce inequity in access and quality of care.

Dr Jessy Joseph

Mr. Nishant Nambiar – CEO Inforich Technology Solutions

A seasoned entrepreneur, focusing on building a unique model of patient data management. Built the first and unique software system with CBAHI compliance for the Primary care centers in Middle East, to capture and manage patient data which helped in minimizing medical errors and provide excellent medical care. A project appreciated by the Ministry of Health in Middle East.

Mr. Nishant Nambiar
Dr. Santosh Kumar (UPHSSP)

Dr. Santosh Kumar – Senior Advisor Quality Assurance with UP Health System Strengthening Project Lucknow (World Bank initiative).

Ph.D. in Healthcare Quality (from BITS Pilani) and Masters in Hosptial Management, Dr. Kumar has nearly 20 years experience in managing hospitals, teaching, training, and research in India and abroad. He has also served as Associate Professor at IIHMR Jaipur and Associate Faculty at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore. Instrumental in drafting various State Policies (such as State Health Investment Policy, State Oxygen Policy, UP Medical Tourism Policy, Infection Control Policy and Nursing Manual).
Recipient of prestigious Erasmus Mundus Fellowship in Public Health in Disasters from UCL Belgium and three times recipient of WHO young professional scholarship to attend various Patient Safety programs held at Denmark, and JHU Baltimore.

Dr. Neelam Taneja – Professor and In-charge Enteric Laboratory, Department of Medical Microbiology, PGIMER, Chandigarh, India

Enteric Laboratory in-charge at a 2200 bed tertiary care premier referral Institute in north India catering to seven states of India. She provides diagnostic (conventional as well as molecular), surveillance, referral services and conducts research in the field of diarrhoea, food borne infections and urinary tract infections with special focus on epidemiology and drug resistance. MBBS 1983-1988, Lady Hardinge Medical College, Delhi. MD Microbiology  1992 to 1995, Lady Hardinge Medical College, Delhi. Diploma Vaccinology, Pasteur Institute Paris, 2011

Dr. Neelam Taneja
Dr. Narendra Gupta (NHM-MOHFW)

Dr. Narendra Gupta – Member of the Planning Commission of India’s working group on drugs for the 12th five year plan | Member of the Advisory Group on Community Action constituted by the NHM of the MOHFW, Govt. of India.

Worked extensively at the grassroots level with tribal and other marginalized communities in western India. Active in planning and implementing community based health care models, training health care providers and community representatives in socio-epidemiologically informed health care delivery systems. One of the most active members on campaign for universal free availability of essential and life saving medicines which led to the launch of the scheme for free medicines and diagnostics to all in the state of Rajasthan and later in few other states.

Dr. Amit Misra – Principal Scientist – Head of Department | Pharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics Division at CSIR – Central Drug Research Institute (CDRI), Lucknow

Principal Scientist, Pharmaceutics Division, CSIR-Central Drug Research Institute.
B. Pharm.: HS Gour University, Sagar; M. Pharm. (Pharmaceutics): University of Delhi, South Campus (Hamdard College of Pharmacy), Ph. D.: Jawaharlal Nehru University, (National Institute of Immunology). Worked at Trends Pharma, Bombay (1989-90), National Institute of Immunology New Delhi (1990-91), and CSIR-CDRI (1998-present).

Dr. Amit Misra, CDRI
Ms. Sona Sharma

Ms. Sona Sharma – Director Programmes, Population Foundation of India (PFI)

Working as part of the PFI senior management, Sona leads the development, planning, delivery and management of all programmes in accordance with the strategic direction of the organization. She brings over twenty-seven years of experience in strategic planning, technical support, research and implementation of programmes, with a specialization in communication and advocacy. 
Sona brings experience in planning and managing interventions to promote reproductive health, nutrition, newborn care, infant and young child feeding and HIV/AIDS. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts from M S University, Baroda; PG Diploma in Health Promotion and PG Diploma in Public Health Nutrition from the Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI).

Mr. Repu Daman Chand – Manager Telemedicine Networks – NRC-NMCN, MOH&FW, GoI – School of Telemedicine & Biomedical Informatics | SGPGIMS – Lucknow, UP, India

Telemedicine Network Manager at National Medical College Network (NMCN) – National Resource Center (NRC) under Ministry of Health & Family Welfare (MoH&FW) and has work responsibility to design, operate and support telemedicine technical network of SGPGI with various nodes involving India & Overseas. He was involved in various telemedicine research and development projects in India and overseas since 2003.

Currently working in National Medical College Network (NMCN) Project at National Resource Center, School of Telemedicine & Biomedical Informatics, SGPGIMS, Lucknow supported by Ministry of Health & Family Welfare (MOH&FW), Government of India. Was also involved in International Telemedicine Projects like WHO-DPR Korea Telemedicine Project in 2008 & IHDP-World bank Project in 2008 for establishing telemedicine Network. Executive Member with Telemedicine Society of India (TSI).

Mr. Repu Daman Chand

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